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What if you could match jobs to skills? What about manage candidates, employees in projects and interviews you create? Bityond is the web3 engine for recruitment and talent management.This start-up is aiming at decentralizing recruitment through a reward and incentive-based governance model.
We’re assisting Bityond in developing a gamified governance system, where users participate with tokens earned from using the platform.

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University of Huddersfield

How can the smart-contracts make construction and the build environment industries better? Only one way to find out!
We’re developing three frameworks companies can use, to enhance payments to contractors, fund raising and project (work) auctioning. With smart contract frameworks it's possible to be more transparent, auditable and to incorporate communities in the decision-making process. Pretty cool, right?

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Collectibles are fun, right? Imagine collecting digital assets of famous people like Donald J. Trump, Cristiano Ronaldo or Satoshi Nakamoto!
We help organizations building cool collectibles and digital assets, in an immutable blockchain, to reward employees. With digital assets it's possible to turn tournaments, competitions and rankings into valuable goods.

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Imagine how ERPs could improve with a standard framework that integrates smart contracts. That's precisely what Unibright offers! Watch the interview below with Unibright's own CTO, Stefan Schmidt, to better understand how it works and its many advantages. Feeling saucy? Talk to us, we can help you integrating Unibright solutions with your SAP installations!

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Gamified Learning

We offer a range of educational packages tailored for each company, using the most recent learning tools available. We can build the most addictive quiz- games in the cryptocurrency space. Don't believe us? Try it.

In-depth consultancy

We look deep within your business and offer a range of solutions using cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contracts. Each problem is unique, hence we provide in-depth research of the best solutions available.

Academy done right

Unlike many of our competitors, our focus is in teaching. We offer academy services in trading, mining, staking, DeFi and general blockchain for business. Online and on-site. Learn crypto like a pro!

Real-life solution

Last but not least, we are more than happy to develop and maintain blockchain and smart contract products. Tell us what problem you're trying to solve. Contact us by clicking the button below!

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